Some of the world’s most pressing ecological issues, including climate change and urbanisation, require animals to cope with major changes to their environment and general lifestyle. Since animals’ brains are the ultimate source of their behaviour, understanding the role of psychological traits in animals’ perception and decision-making is crucial for knowing whether and how they can adapt to such changes. At the same time, many of the issues concerning wild animal welfare and conservation are due, in part, to human activities. Thus, to help ensure a sustainable future in which humans and wildlife can coexist, we must also understand humans’ attitudes and relationships with the natural world.


To help understand and raise awareness about many of today’s environmental concerns, my research merges traditional and novel techniques to explore the relationships between animal psychology, behavioural adaptability, and peoples’ attitudes and beliefs about wildlife. Click below to find out more!


An important part of being a scientist is to disseminate research so that other researchers and members of the public can learn about our findings. My collaborators and I publish our work in world-leading journals for animal behaviour and cognition. Click below to read them!

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